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Welcome to my world of painting with light.

To me light painting is an expression of our true selves. It's about the trace we create and leave behind. Through science, we now know that our bodies are emitting light. So in a way, we've been and are constantly light painting by living.
Light painting is an amazing form of art. It in hence your imagination, wakes up your intuition and reflects who you are and where you are at, it's like a mirror of the soul.

Monthly archive December, 2011
Light Painting Sculptures - Four dimensional art

Light Painting Sculptures – Four dimensional art

The pictures here below are exactly what was shot in studio with out any alteration or retouching.    Click to open The Light Painting Sculptures series demonstrates the four dimensions of painting with light. In the video piece, you can actually see and experience the four dimensions at work. Light accumulates through space and time...
MORA - By Dominic Besner and the MX Gallery

MORA – By Dominic Besner and the MX Gallery

For the live show Mora, I was asked by the MX Gallery to light paint the characters just before they went on stage. The challenge I had was to work quickly, each individual session was only between 5 and 10 minutes. Usually I take three hours to light paint. I said yes to the project...