To me light painting is an expression of our true selves. It's about the trace we leave behind. Through science, we now know that our bodies emit light. So in a way, we've been and are constantly light painting.

Monthly archive July, 2011
Creative shoot with Jennyfer Desbiens + Anicko

Creative shoot with Jennyfer Desbiens + Anicko

Anicko ask me to shoot her new idea with model Jennyfer from Scoop agency. Anicko is responsible for the direction, make-up, hair, creating the head piece and some of the styling. We had Jennyfer bring some of her clothing to complete the styling. Jennyfer also has skills as a mime which enriched her presence and...
PBS - Light Painting Interview

PBS – Light Painting Interview

This was shot last June while I was in New York for the workshop with Aurora Crowley. Light Painting has been growing significantly for the last decade, now PBS a main stream media channel is talking about our unique form of art. This is an honor and a victory vor all the light painters out...
SUPERNOVAE - Fashion Through the Eye of Light

SUPERNOVAE – Fashion Through the Eye of Light

Link to the Youtube version: http://youtu.be/nl8diNojT70 This is a collaborative multimedia fashion shoot. It started as a fashion shoot between make up artist Nathalie Dodon and I. We were supposed to do what we call a test shoot. The idea was to do a commercial version of light painting for a fashion client my agency and...