To me light painting is an expression of our true selves. It's about the trace we leave behind. Through science, we now know that our bodies emit light. So in a way, we've been and are constantly light painting.

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Whooo, I’m feeling so strange right now, my vision is all blurry and my body aches like I’m going to faint. That was so strange and wild. Tonight after taking a bath I did a kind of OBE through this portal in some kind of dark space, I was out of this world. For a...
Radiant Light - Calgary Exhibition

Radiant Light – Calgary Exhibition

Most of what shapes reality is invisible. I’ve been fascinated by what we can’t see. Like the shape of sounds, energy, vibrations, feelings, the photons our bodies emits. Light is invisible until it touches something. Vibrations made by our voices have the most intricate shapes as we can see with cymatics. The work of Dr. Masaru...
Exodeus - Skin care

Exodeus – Skin care

For the last year, I’ve been working with Exodeus natural skin care as an Art Director and photo-light painter. Exodeus is an amazing line of natural and organic luxury skin care products. http://exodeus.com In these photo of Deva Exodeus, the creator of the Exodeus line, I used 100% light painting to create her beauty light...
Painting with Light - Montreal Exhibition

Painting with Light – Montreal Exhibition

Pour récupérer vos images créer le soir de la Nuit Blanche, suivez ce lien : To get the images you created on Nuit Blanche, follow this link: http://patrickrochon.com/MX2014/index.html Invitation Peindre avec la Lumière par Patrick Rochon  Patrick Rochon, un peintre de lumière (light painter) canadien, qui a su innover et créer un style unique de...
LP WORKSHOP - Calgary - March 8.

LP WORKSHOP – Calgary – March 8.

Discover the fascinating world of Montreal artist Patrick Rochon, award winning light painter with over 20 years of experience. It’s open to everyone, photographers, painters, artists, or just people who wants to learn something creative! Reserve your spot http://www.endeavorarts.com/2014/02/08/light-painting-workshop/ To Bring: -SLR camera equipped to do long exposure (30 seconds minimum). On Bulb setting, remote...
LITEBLADES - Light tools

LITEBLADES – Light tools

LITEBLADES are available at the Light Painting Shop: http://thelightpaintingshop.com/15-liteblades The new generation of light painting tools I’ve design. The seven LITEBLADES are designed to make amazing and beautiful light trails. Used for light grafitty (lightgraff), portraits, abstracts, light painting Katas and various light painting backgrounds. The LITEBLADES are specially made to fit with the KLARUS RS11 flashlight but it can also...


Beautiful German magazine and blog dedicated to lighting design and creation related to light. He’s the interview I got and the message behind my work.   https://pld-m.com/von-schimmernden-koerpern-und-patrick-rochon/?lang=en Of light-emitting bodies and the work of Patrick Rochon Human bodies literally glow. This is because of the ultraweak photon emissions our bodies generate, which are known for the...
2nd International Light Painting Exhibition - Paris

2nd International Light Painting Exhibition – Paris

After our first show in Moscow 2012, the Light Painting World Alliance had it’s second show in Paris at l’Espace Pierre Cardin. This video captures light painting now, where it’s at and who we are as a community: See the full report here: http://www.lpwalliance.com/index2.php?type=eventview&id=51
I got a cover and an article in the 6229 Magazine

I got a cover and an article in the 6229 Magazine

I got the honour of being the first artist on the cover of the new magazine 6229. This an innovative and bilingual magazine on photography and video in Québec created by Lozeau.  Get your copy here: http://www.lozeau.com/en-CA/products/accessories/books/6229/ When did you become a light painter? In 1997, I left Montreal for Tokyo. At the time, I was...
Super Chromatic

Super Chromatic

A collaboration with LOCAL B hair salon. Sexy beauty lighting created by hand with light painting. On this project I challenged myself to create and push basic beauty white light to show the hair, makeup and qualities of the model while keeping it sexy, edgy  and fashionable. This is 100% light painting with out the...
EXODEUS - Emanate the beauty within

EXODEUS – Emanate the beauty within

I’m now the art director and the image maker of EXODEUS. Exodeus is a skin care line based on Alchemy. The products are beautiful, holistic, natural organic. It is still rare and the demand is increasing for hi-end potent skin care product. The idea behind the line is to emanate the beauty within. To nourish...
I got a great interview with NIKON.

I got a great interview with NIKON.

To see the complete version with the pictures, click here: http://blog.iamnikon.com/en_GB/d-slr/light-painting/ Text from the interview: PAINTING WITH LIGHT: PATRICK ROCHON Patrick Rochon is a Canadian photographer who specialises in shooting the movement and effects of light. We spoke to him about this technique and how he gets his stunning results.   Tell us a bit about...