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This is a collaborative multimedia fashion shoot.

It started as a fashion shoot between make up artist Nathalie Dodon and I. We were supposed to do what we call a test shoot. The idea was to do a commercial version of light painting for a fashion client my agency and I wanted to get. As the team was building up, Christian Pomerleau (VJ Gridspace) joined us to do projection while I did light painting. We ended up about 12 people working on this project, experimenting with photo + video light painting while Noé from Para Films was shooting behind the scene for the “making of”. Later Romain (Cayce) created an original track for this piece and Sindre joined to do the motion design.

On the day of the shoot a funny thing happened, I was short of one person to help out with the camera. To everyone’s surprise, someone knocked at the door, it was a young photographer, she was looking for work as an assistant. I told her to come in right away and to start now. Thank you Émilie for showing up on that day, it was a big help.

One thing became obvious while I was in the middle of it with all these people around, the commercial test was not going to happen, I had to let it go make space for this creative burst to happen…

Light painting: Patrick Rochon
Represented by 2M2 Agency
Video Projection / Graphic Design: Christian Pomerleau / Gridspace
Motion design: Sindre UP
Music: Cayce
Hair & Makeup: Nathalie Dodon
Carolanne, Specs Agency
Kimberley, Folio Agency
Stylist: Sanchia Rooker
Clothing by:
Elisa C-Rossow
Camera by:
Noé Sardet
Émilie Ouelette
Stephane Cocke
Technical support: Sylvain Lavoie
Producer and Director: Patrick Rochon
Assisted by Émilie Ouelette, Joanna Czadowska, Christine Maisonneuve
In collaboration with The Nomads
Special thanks to:
Nathalie Dodon and Julien Faugere
Studio: Studio 307

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