For the live show Mora, I was asked by the MX Gallery to light paint the characters just before they went on stage. The challenge I had was to work quickly, each individual session was only between 5 and 10 minutes. Usually I take three hours to light paint. I said yes to the project and went with the challenge. To save time, I ask my friend Jean Marc Abela to operate the cameras. The other thing I did to simplify, was to minimise my choices of light tool on that day. By doing so, it pushed my creativity up and made it more efficient to choose combinations of lights on the spot. One of the characters of the show was played by Diane Dufresne, an icon in the Quebec artistic culture, fortunately I had the pleasure to light paint her. She is the first character in the slide show…. Click to enlarge the images.

MORA on Wikipedia:   On November 3rd 2011, Dominic Besner and his agents presented an event-exhibition that took place at the Côte des Neiges Armoury in Montreal. The title of this event MORA, is also the title of a novella written by the artist that links together all of the places, people and animals in his works and allows fans to gain a new perspective on his unique universe. More than 250 people collaborated on this project that was led by Guy Caron, the first art director for Cirque du Soleil in 1984. Along with Caron, Danielle de Bellefeuille and College Lasalle students also joined forces to make this event a reality. Although Michael Mensi and his team plan on taking MORA on tour elsewhere in the world, the premiere was set to take place in Montreal to thank all of Besner’s supporters in Quebec that have helped make his career what it is today.

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